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In the enormously competitive world of new and used car marketing, there are two important decision elements that all car buyers consider. First is deciding upon a brand, and the model of vehicle they are seeking. Factors such as cost, past experience, performance ratings, styling, size, economy and even perceived prestige may affect the decision to purchase a particular model. With much of this information available on the internet or through other investigation, the decision may be made before the consumer ever leaves his home.

The second element is far more personal. Choosing a dealership to work with is a very important decision in the car-buying experience and the deciding factors are usually more subtle. While the brand choice may steer customers to certain dealers in the area, attributes including reputation, perceived sales pressure, appearance of the facility, available inventory, and proximity may bring the prospective buyers into the showroom... or steer them away.

A well-established reputation for honesty, fairness, and professionalism from collective past experiences are critical elements. Building that solid customer and community image daily is what Golling Toyota of Warren, MI is all about. Repeat business and customer referrals are the "lifeblood" of any business, but singularly difficult to achieve in the automobile business. One reason is that an individual's automobile or truck purchases may only occur every few years on average and good experiences tend to be forgotten long before the bad experiences. While there are many ways to ruin a business reputation, there are as many ways to enhance it.

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